Monday, December 08, 2008


Its been a long time since i last posted on my blog. I think this statement is all set to become my custom statement as a start to my posts with too many posts already beginning with this. I am not the only one to blame for this irregularity, the large chunk has to go to the pathetic condition of broadband connection in my city. The condition is really pathetic and to add to it, this is further receding to worse.
Anyways, these days I am busy studying for my exams scheduled to commence 1 week hence. The study is more of a compensation for the lost hours which I, quite comfortably, spent on doing things at internet, blogging being noteworthy and many others being 'un-noteworthy".
I can't really say from when I will be able to regularise myself though I hope it won't take a long time..............

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