Thursday, May 07, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I got to watch the movie a few months ago and again re-watched it some days later. It was not because I liked the movie rather it was to search for somethimg that made this so 'GREAT' movie (of course, not for me!!!!). With such a statement, I think its clear about my opinion of the film. Too many criticism and too many blogs have already been written on this 2008 megahit at oscars and I don't want to reiterate all that once again. Only a few words about the film some positive and some negative:

The Positive:

After searching much for what I liked in the film I came out with only few points. One was the exciting musical score that everybody liked. The other one was the excellent use of the flashbacks of Jamaal's life in answering the question at the game show. Technically it was not that great but yes, the concept was appreciable.

The Negative:

For me the biggest setback about the film was the hype about the film. I didn't see anything in the film that deserved such hype. In India, the song "Jai Ho..." was hailed as a song of praise for the Indians but I couldn't see one single thing in the film that could arouse the patriotic feeling amongst us still it did for many amongst us. The image of India is itself not that great in the western world and with this film its not gonna get better anyhow.
A.R. Rahman got an oscar for this film. This is really a matter of pride for us Indians but hasn't he created much better soundtracks for other hindi and tamil films? One of the songs (Ringa Ringa...) is a copy (although tributory) of Laxmikant-Pyarelal's 'Choli ke peechhe kya hai' from Khalnayak. Could he get the award and acclaim that he got for this film had the film was a bollywood production. I don't think so.
I even didn't like the acting of the lead actors. All the children were good at acting but when it came to the older ones it was horrible.
And above all the dance sequence in the end at the railway station was pathetic.

All in all, a much hyped film that could easily be skipped.


Anamay said...

Well, sometimes hype renders senselessness in a person, and that was exactly what happened when I saw Slumdog Millionaire for the first time. Somehow I had an illusion of it being a nice movie. It can be well expected from an amateur like me. But then I realized how stupid I was.

I completely agree with you, as when I watched it second time I felt pathetic. Oscars for this work is completely surprising.

Aashu said...

Anamay: Ya, its true for many that hype renders senelessness in a person but strangely, it is the other way round for me. Anything that is much hyped of, I tend to make a negative impression of that in my mind as in this case and while watching the movie I was always thinking of pointing out some negatives and in the process left some positives that might have been in the movie...........
Anyways, the movie indeed could easily have been skipped.