Thursday, August 27, 2009


Watching and getting thrilled too many times with crime classics from hollywood these days I would always think what exactly is there that we don't get to watch such movies in bollywood. Whatever the answer may be I don't want to get into detail of that but one thing is clear that Vishal Bhardwaj with Kaminey has presented one such movie now and more importantly that is not a remake of some foreign film.
With this original work Vishal presents India, doubtedly, its very first noir. Its a story about twins Guddu and Charlie. Guddu stutters and Charlie has sigmatism. The plot of the story is present here. I don't want to say much on the story or the plot, I only want everybody to witness it themselves. There are many interesting parts in the film. The very start of the film in Guddu's lisping voice is fantastic in itself and the dialogues here and later in the whole film are fabulous in themselves. The "मैं 'फ' को फ बोलता हूँ" and Amol Gupte replying with "साले फ को फ नही बोलेगा तो क्या ल बोलेगा" and then that dialogue "फुबह फुबह उफ़ मनहूफ़ का चेहरा देख लो तो रात को मय्यत पक्की फमझो" are some of them that I still remember. Above all you have "अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ"..........fantastic.
Amol Gupte as 'Bhupe Bhai' is superb. There are many instances in the film where one would get a glimpse of the immortal Bhiku Mhatre in Bhupe Bhai. He is one of the most entertaining parts in the film. Shahid Kapoor is completely new in the movie and is superbly brilliant. Priyanka had nothing much to do but whatever she had to she did it perfectly.
The acting and the dialogues are brilliant but surpassing all this is the music and the lyrics. Nobody would have thought about 'dhan te tan' that this favourite day to day slang of every indian will come to us in this very form. The duo of Vishal Bhardwaj with Gulzaar sahab has given us many hit music like maachis, omkara etc and they haven't fail here either. The duo is once again fantastic. All in all Kaminey is a great movie to watch and get entertained.


Anamay said...

Definitely it is the first of its kind, perhaps the first dark comedy of bollywood. I agree with you that Shahid Kapoor was brilliant. Personally, I never felt he could do roles different from the routine "love story" stuff, but he came up with this very well.

It was the kind of movie where you cannot work out why you are laughing amidst the ugliness of violence. Altogether it was a different experience. The thing which excites me the most, is the utter nonchalance which Vishal possess with respect to dialogues and lyrics, which makes it even more beautiful.

Aashu said...

Very true; Indeed, it was tough to imagine Shahid away from his boy next door image, he was always to be a chocolaty hero but for Kaminey. It was completely surprising from him.
About dialogues and lyrics, really, it has to be only Vishal who can put our day to day slangs in films be it the Apna Haatha Jagannath or the famous Dhan Te Nan..........beautiful!!!