Friday, July 30, 2010

Last 15 days that I can never forget!

Again, this time its over 10 days that I wrote something in here and no awards for guessing that I am going to start yet another post with my favourite excuse that the last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me. As always, the excuse is just an excuse and when I start thinking what I was busy in all these days, I can find just nothing, so, better to say that I was only "busy for nothing!" Well, better late than never and here I am with yet another boring post to eat away your mind in pieces with it.
From the start of this year, my blog has mostly been a Hindi blog with only just one post coming in English and that too over 6 months back. Writing in Hindi has been fun for me and also a way to show my respect to my mother tongue. It feels lovely to be a part of Hindi blog-world and I am proud to be one. But this doesn't mean that I don't want to write things in English. All these months, there have been time when I wanted to write something in English, but just could not. In fact, I have spent many hours thinking to maintain separate blogs in Hindi and English and such thoughts have taken a great share of my time when I am that "busy for nothing." Every time, when such impulses of creating a whole new blog comes in my mind, I just think of my attitude towards this blog and the impulse again gets dormant without any effort. Anyways, here I am with a hope that I always be regular on my blog and also that I be able to manage a balance between both languages.
Anyways, so many things already said about me being "busy for nothing" stuff, but let me clear this time that it is not completely true. In 15 days, if you have spent almost 40 hours in internship duty at the Dermatology OPD, some uncountable hours on facebook, a few on blogging and still fewer in studies, and rest in watching 2 and a half seasons of 'Friends', then, I don't think one can call it being "busy for just nothing." Although, as far as counting some constructive work is concerned, these 15 days have just got nothing but hey, technically, I am busy in a lot of things.
4 months of my internship duty are almost over and the last station that I crossed is Dermatology. Last 15 days were spent sitting in the Dermatology OPD. I even based my last post on this duty. Today, when this duty is over, I am sitting, thinking in retrospection and also introspection as to what I got to do and learn in these 15 days. When I am thinking back, what I can remember is just sitting and watching the filthy nodules, the dirty ulcers, ugly pus draining wounds, crying children, ailing patients, tense faces and hapless characters and to add to those, many soaring penises. Can these all things make anyone happy about his job that he himself has chosen with complete authority? Yes they can. They can make you happy when you follow them a week later when the nodules have subsided, the ulcers healed, wounds closed, the child is enjoying yet again and you see smile on the faces. Its an irony for us doctors that we have to make money and feed ourselves by other's ailments but this is the happiness of curing these ailments that matters the most for us.
When I entered into MBBS life, there was a common parlance about the Dermatology department, that you never get a disease there that kills or heals or panics you out. As far as my views about this particular department was concerned, I was not very interested in it, maybe, because of the physical ugliness of the lesions involved. I entered this department 15 days back with the same views and the first day itself was so very annoying and, sometimes, nauseating for me. A few days went like that but then, I started liking it and today after completing my tenure there, I must be the saddest person of the group of other 17 person who joined the duty with me.
What changed my views was the happiness that I saw on the faces of person who were treated during this period. A man who has a cancer inside his body has only a physical lesion that nobody can see from outside and he has to suffer only the physical aspects of the disease, but if he has the lesion on his skin then what he has to go through is not only the physical pain but also a social suffering that is associated with almost each and every skin disease. The social stigmata attached to every skin disease makes its patient a sinner and hence, gives a pain of rejection and isolation that is even more intense than a pain of cancer inside his body. Treating such diseases doesn't only cure that patient of his lesion but also helps him regain his place in the society. This is what I love about being in this department. My whole 15 days would have been gone in condemning Dermatology but for my senior working there I am here praising it. She was the one who pointed out this beautiful aspect of this subject to me. I am really grateful to her for this. Thank You Di!
Sitting here in front of my lappy and writing the post, I am actually reliving each and every moment of last 15 days that I spent in that department. In the 4 months of my internship duty so far, I think, these 15 days were the best and probably, will be the best when I complete the whole year of my duty. I am remembering everything I did there and except the first day, every other day is getting a smile on my face. There are a lot of things and memories that I am gonna cherish the whole life. Where Roy Sir's scary big eyes staring from just above his glasses easily took the hell out of me, there, at just the next moment, his smile restored my belief in myself. Arjun sir's ever smiling character and Binod sir's hilariously lovely conversation with patients are something that can never be forgotten. Teasing Niti di for treat and managing to get a samosa treat from Roy sir is cherishable for lifetime. And then how can the fantastic diagnoses made by us students in that OPD be forgotten. Calling a Tinea's simple lesion Zoster or diagnosing Plantar Hyperkeratosis for a dirty sole is something that I will remember in my whole life. And last of all, what made these 15 days even more enjoyable and special was the presence of my "HER" with me sitting beside me every single day. Certainly, I am not going to forget these wonderful days!!!

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