Wednesday, June 25, 2008

न लिखने का कारण

It’s been much time since I wrote my last blog. Since then I have been busy in reading and only reading (more appropriately studying……….but didn’t use this word since it is contributed equally by both reading and writing and in my way of doing this, writing comes only when for blogging or in answering the perplexing answers to even more perplexing questions in the examination).

The title that I have chosen for this blog comes from the title of a book rather a collection of editorials, comments and critics on political issues from the pen of Rajendra Yadav. His views on contemporary political issues came up as editorials in some magazines. All such editorials were piled up in a series named “कांटे की बात”. The first of the six installments was named “न लिखने का कारण”. I came across the book almost 7 years back and for the lack of my interest in literature at that time, I didn’t go through that though it was not literature at all. Now, even after getting some interest in literature I have not yet even thought of reading this one, maybe, this time because of my lack of interest in politics. I am not sure whether I would ever read that. Whatsoever the reason may be, it is not of much interest for this blog of mine, a much “I”- centered blog.

I was always fascinated with the name of book so took it as the title of my blog. Hope it’s not illegal………Hope I am not violating the copyright rules………………:). I want to make it sure that only the title has been lifted and nothing else not even the idea or the base. The base here is much simple unlike the book’s. It’s simply the literal meaning of the statement that I am using. It is as simple as that.

I have not been frequent these days with blogging. It’s mainly because I am not getting anything on which I can write something. All these days, with the on-the-head examinations in the college, I have only been with course books and every one of you would agree that writing about that is as useless as the system of examination itself (I am not going to lose my way with the system of examination, whether good or bad…………:).......). Anyway, it’s been a tough time for me. It is examination time and as usual, the preparation till now is not satisfactory………maybe you will think that I am getting much humble with that as many of my friends do for my repute of an most-of-the-time studying guy………but, my dear readers, this time I am telling the truth.……………..Oh sorry! I lost my way…………….

The pressure of examination is the only thing that is stopping me to go through anything, any thought, any view, just anything that I could write in my blog. Apart from the course books, as a way of some refreshment, I am also reading “White Nights” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Maybe, it will leave me before my examination ends or maybe, I will leave it before the story ends. Whatsoever the fate may be, I will finish it sooner or later. I think that this is the next thing that is going to bore you and let you scratch your heads at my blog. I don’t know when will it come but surely I’ll be back with some action at blogger’s. Since then Happy Blogging to everybody………………………………..

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