Saturday, October 03, 2009

Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is a 2007 murder mystery starring Halle Barry and Bruce Willis. Going into the film, I had no idea what it is all about except that it had Halle Barry. Being frank enough, I was searching for some erotic scenes on Youtube and Berry was just a random choice from a whole bunch of Hollywood actress. I got to find some scenes involving her though not so erotic ones. From a not-so-large list of scenes I finally randomly selected Perfect Stranger and thats how I got to find this movie.
'Perfect Stranger' is about a secret and about how far one can go to keep a secret a secret. It is a suspense thriller with Halle as Rowena Price, an undercover journalist busy in getting interesting news involving secrets of some of the most influential people of the society. Dejected by the rejection of one of her such stories due to the infulence of that 'influential people', she leaves her job and incidentally meets her childhood friend Grace Clayton (Nicki Aycox) who hands her another interesting story about advertisement tycoon Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis) whom she is dating with. After a few days, Grace is found brutally poisoned with belladona and then Rowena with her associate Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), a professional technobrat, starts her operation against Harrison Hill in order to collect the evidences related to Grace's murder and to prove that Hill is the offender. And with it, starts the whole series of physical and internet chat room disguises and leads to a highly convoluted storyline with a shockingly surprising ending that is worth kept secret at this place. I would certainly like everybody to watch it and experience the suspense themselves.
Well for me, the movie was a real good experience. I, being a fan of suspense thrillers, liked it very much. The acting by different actors is awesome and for me Ribisi as Miles, the hacker has done the best job with his role. The background score keeps very well alive the essence of a thriller. With the story line, there have been several reviews at different places like NY times, Metacritic, Rotten tomatoes etc. describing it as too convoluted to be good. Well, I was completely surprised by the story itself in the first place as I watched the movie but this comment in the reviews and the generally negative reviews were even more surprising for me. For me, it was just as much convoluted as a murder mystery should be.
Well, whike watching, I was being reminded of Basic Instinct sometimes but was only because these both are murder mysteries. Where Perfect Stranger is more about the mystery and secret, Basic Instinct looked more about sex and perversions much like the thrillers we have here in bollywood especially in recent years with either Imraan Hashmi or Mallika Sherawat or even sometimes both of these. Anyways, Perfect Sranger was undoubtedly better than both Basic Instinct and its bollywood counterparts.
I don't really understand what actually caused such a negative review about the movie but in my opinion this movie worths watching.......................

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